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Nov 27, 2012 1:30pm PST
between golden state golden state warriors and community advocates here in san francisco. without further adieu i would like to introduce our mayor ed lee. >> thank you jennifer. good morning everyone. today is a pretty good announcement of another milestone that we have reached with the golden state warriors but before i say that i want to continue thanking the people who are very interested in the city of this city, the future of sports, the future of the waterfront and all the neighborhoods that we know that are continuing to want to have a great positive economic future for the city and also create jobs at the same time. supervisor david chiu is here and he and i have talked quite a few time bs this project and what it means to the city. i want to also thank supervisor john avalos and he being a very strong advocate and working together on local hire we have been able to set course and ordinance for city funded projects that i think have been leading the nation in getting local people hired. at the same time i also want to acknowledge supervisor jane kim whose district this arena
Nov 28, 2012 10:00am PST
include zoning changes. the warriors are proposing -- warriors are paying predevelopment including entitlement and taking the risk. oftentimes the city will be reimbursing private developers for that cost. so there is really shared risks in the entitlements. if the warriors are proposing zoning changes that will come before you, evident in term sheet and move forward through the planning department processes, the costs and risks associated with that would be borne by the warriors up front in the entitlement process. i hear you and i will take that. >> thank you, supervisor. also a clarification. you have the three reimbursable limited services, one, two and three. does the term sheet or does the conceptual framework anticipate we exhaust one before moving to the next, or it is interchangeable? >> it doesn't specifically create a waterfall. but this also sort of gets to the issue of the proposed return on the cost of capitol. it is the city's intention to negotiate to try to repay the warriors for their expenditure as quickly as possible, with as much up -- as large sort of chunks a
Nov 15, 2012 10:00pm PST
of revenue in order to pay back the warriors. so we are -- to your question we are exploring ways to accelerate as much as possible in order to ensure quick repayment to warriors. >> i'm jumping a little ahead to the budget analyst report but it was stated it is possible we could reduce liability in terms of what we would owe 13% on, down to 29.6 million if we were able to use the estimated 34 million from the expected revenues and bond revenues. is that feasible? is that something from the get-go we could take out as to what we would owe 13% interest on? >> that is right. we are attempting to have that remaining number of 30 million be something taken out early. if we can negotiate a value for the 66-year lease at net present value where you look at annual increases, look at what a reset would be, calculate the present value of those -- that rent stream today and give a credit, that would take out the reminder. >> okay. >> that is actually something i want to show. >> right. in the report it said even if you could not do that, that what remained was the 29.6 million, that is 13%
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm PST
degree that exceed what warriors would do in normal course of development we have carved out ability to negotiate a specific set of improvements with their own particular cost cap within 120. what my commitment is is that would be spelled out by term sheet wha. we are not asking for is a carte blanche that can be negotiated after approvals to fill that bucket. >> i appreciate that. that is one of my concerns, that we could use that. in the unlikely case the construction costs are below 120 million we use it for actually commitments we expected the warriors to already -- like open space. >> that is not the intention. the intention is we were so early that we wanted to create this within 120 and not predetermine we wouldn't use up to the full -- up to what we think is the full value but that would come to you with specificity at term sheet stage. what it is and what it is costing. that would be something for you to opine on. >> thank you. >> i think some of misunderstandings and misconceptions have to do with some belief the city is giving cash or loan of money or some sort of
Nov 14, 2012 1:00pm PST
. karl jones come on behalf of seasoned ticket holders for the golden state warriors. we question that you look at the project and get it going. also a retired union man so definitely looking forward to it being built and getting jobs to union families in san francisco. also we need to have the project done so if everybody has been following the warriors the time this project is done we will be raising a world championship banner. let's get it done. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i want to speak behalf of chinese citizen alliance. and want to keep it short. so i live in san francisco for many years. i love this city. it think it is important for san francisco to have its team. i heard golden state warriors was once played in san francisco. i think it is time to bring them back home. in addition, i think it is a good idea to use the portland because otherwise it would be unused. finally good for small business and opportunities for collecting tax revenue. therefore i really hope we can move forward with this project. thank you. please hold the microphone to you. >> sup
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm PST
to the totality of uses at arena. but the warriors won't be able to finance and won't have any desire to build an arena that is not -- that does not make economic sense for them. the ability -- their willingness to build an arena is dependent on having that arena be a viable economic engine in order to recoup the billion dollars that it is going to cost to build that facility. so i think obviously we will be providing more detailed information to the budget analyst and to the decision-makers and cf ac in months to come. the reinforcing mechanism, the warrior also not invest a billion in something that isn't going to yield the economic activity that justifis that. >> thank you. supervisor kym? >> i want to ask you to come up again. given kind of a lot of concerns i raised in the neighborhood around the speed which this process is going, i get it with the fiscal feasibility. this initiates the process. the board is asking if this is fiscally feasible. the substantive part is with the term sheet and substantive eir. i'm hoping to get a commitment from city on ensuring we don't hold scoping meetin
Nov 17, 2012 3:00am PST
the warriors to already -- like open space. >> that is not the intention. the intention is we were so early that we wanted to create this within 120 and not predetermine we wouldn't use up to the full -- up to what we think is the full value but that would come to you with specificity at term sheet stage. what it is and what it is costing. that would be something for you to opine on. >> thank you. >> i think some of misunderstandings and misconceptions have to do with some belief the city is giving cash or loan of money or some sort of guaranteed repayment or return. that is not true. what i have been trying to articulate is regardless of the cost of the repair, the reimbursement to warriors is capped at 120 million from three sources we have just discussed. our current estimate of the value of these three sources is less than 120 million. the port really has a liability in the pier substructure, in piers 30-32 in form of crumbling pier. warriors have agreed to repair it with their money at their risk. what it means is under the current proposal, warriors do not get a return of their invest
Nov 24, 2012 4:00am PST
spends a lot, or the warriors spend a lot of money on the eir and entitlement process. we appreciate the fact the scoping meeting has been moved to mid-january and the port approved moving the term sheets to later on. the issue is to give the cac the opportunity to address the actually issues not on a nimby and cheerleader basis but on the fact of the deal. we will appreciate your help getting there, thank you. >> thank you. may call a few more names. ramon hernandez, rosenthal, rhene, tony. >> i'm ron miguel i'm a member of the piers 30, 32 cac. i agree and disagree with our chair, katy, who has by the way been doing a very excellent job under sometimes exasperating circumstances. the cac has been nothing other than a public information office up to this point. i have talked to katy and others. i think there is pretty much agreement we should start operating as the cac, particularly by january. i firmly believe we will. to get to the fiscal feasibility study perhaps because of my background with the planning commission and before i have a better idea why that was put in place by you
Nov 20, 2012 12:00pm PST
the warriors. we knew we had an entity there to help us demonstrate the things we talked about when pursuing them, local hire, jobs for people, vendors respective of our small businesses, a waterfront design sensitive to the views and the environment that we want to have, and a great, great addition to our economy in the city for years and years to come, so it is with great pride that we make this announcement because many of the people in this room are looking for that opportunity from all walks of life, from every community in san francisco they see this as a city wide projected, not just on the waterfront. it's everybody's future. everybody has to be heard and i know that even this weekend there was a telephonic ability to talk to people online and the telephone. there were over 4,000 people that engaged themselves with a conversation and the warriors and about what this project meant. it's incredible. i also want to give a shout out to the port and i know monique is here and they're working hard with our team and continuing this ongoing dialogue and we will have more announcements t
Nov 14, 2012 6:30pm PST
for this deal. so the warriors in the city in port work to come up with a conceptual framework. that is not before you today as part of the resolution. i think it is important to take a few minutes to describe the framework that forms the assumption in the feasibility report. the framework says this. the warrior also privately finance all development on piers 30, 32 and seawall lot 30. the city and port will reimburse warriors for agreed upon improvements for city-owned infrastructure. expenditures for improvement are reimbursable expenditures are capped at $120 million. funds for reimbursing those are limited to three sources. let me take each of those three individually. the warriors will privately finance all development. all buildings and improvements, including the multipurpose entertainment venue will be financed by the warriors. estimated cost is $1 billion. they will also finance rehabilitation of piers 30-32 with estimated cost of $120 million. the public open space and maritime amenities and other amenity also be privately financed. that includes as rick mentioned 50%
Nov 24, 2012 2:30am PST
the pier multipurpose venue usable for public uses and other events such as convention, warriors home games, cultural events, family shows and performing arts and other uses including public space. retail and related parking facilities and develop on seawall lot 330 residential, hotel and/or retail uses and accessory parking in fiscally feasible and responsible under code 29 urging city and port officials to make evaluating and proposed project among its highest priorities and to take all appropriate steps to further environmental review of the proposed project. >> thank you very much. on this item we do have a number of presenters. we first will have jennifer, from the office of economic and workforce development who will give a presentation. after jennifer completes her presentation, we will have monique morrier, offering her comments and to the budget analyst report on this item. before we begin, just for folks who are in the overflow room, we have an overflow room, room 263 that is available. if there are members of the public who are in that room that wish to speak during pu
Nov 18, 2012 12:00pm PST
and the port and owed staff in consultation with the city attorney working with the warriors to come up with a conceptual framework for the business deal which is really looking at the cost to rehabilitate piers 30-32 so it's seismically sound and can support the multi-purpose venue on it, and how the warriors will initially finance that investment and how the city would repay that investment to public property, and jennifer mattes will go over that a little more detail but that conceptual framework is published to this point to support the fiscal feasibility finding and with these projects the port and city staff will pursue policy approvals with a term sheet with fiscal approval. it was the staff's suggestion to separate the two and really the fiscal feasibility finding, again which jennifer will speak to, is necessary to start environmental review, and i think we're all aware of the aggressive schedule that this project is under taking, and we want to make sure at the staff level we are maximizing the time available for environmental review. that's a important component of this proj
Nov 18, 2012 11:00am PST
one of the negotiators of the warriors sat at our table and had input and was very vocal and didn't identify herself with the warriors until the entire thing was over, and people freaked out. i request that there be a rule and enforced on all negotiations, particularly the golden state warriors that in the case the port, owd and particularly the warriors not participate as members of the public, and wear big badges saying who they are because people hide behind anonymity and i know because i of around the block oweb -- i don't know the golden state warriors but the know the port and oweb but i'm unusual and most are true civilians and it's unfair for them to have to argue from a person from one of these groups when you're soliciting public input. either shut the hell up and/or identify yourself and this came out directly from the last session of the input on 32-32 because the warriors went way over the line. thank you. >> okay. any further public comment? okay. >> item four is executive session. >> so moved. >> second. >> we are in executive session. (recess). (executive sess
Nov 24, 2012 3:00am PST
in order to repay the warriors for the substructure costs. >> thanks. >> thank you for that. >> so the one-time revenues include the jobs housing linkage, housing, child care, impact and ease -- east sea, that is all include thered that number. economic benefits include permanent employment, construction employment and annual economic spend. total direct jobs anticipated to be created and maintained is 107,000 jobs. over 200,000 full time equivalent leapt jobs from the three-year period construction time of this project. total of 282 million in annual economic impact. what is important is we adjusted to make sure these were net impacts. warriors are already located in the bay. we spent a great deal of time trying to net out the current economic benefits from having them in the area, including, for example, when visiting teams come to play the warriors they tend to stay in san francisco. we were careful to try to only look at new and increased benefits. proposed construction costs are close to a billion. if you include hard costs -- >> supervisor avalos. >> sorry, to go back to the last s
Nov 18, 2012 7:00pm PST
francisco. put san francisco back to work. bring warriors back home where they belong. i'm old enough to remember them playing at the cow palace that, is where i first saw them. they need to be back in san francisco, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, supervisors. thanks for having me today. my name is ryan row. i'm a san francisco resident. i'm also a graduate of san francisco state university. while in school i had the opportunity to be an intern with the golden state warriors. that was an opportunity i'm thankful for. i think it's helped me in my career. being able to stay here in san francisco. i think having the warriors in the city will bring those types of similar opportunities to students and kids and families that i was able to have and make it more important to have internships with the teams and move their careers along. i think the warriors should be in san francisco as well. i think the opportunity is there for students will be more visible and easily achieved if the warriors are here in san francisco, thank you. >> thank you. >>> madam chair, members of the
Nov 14, 2012 7:30pm PST
, multipurpose arena for golden state warrior games and events. public open space. maritime use, retail and related parking. development on seawall lot 330 of residential hotel and retail use and 53.8 million. direct ongoing annual financial benefits between 9.8 million and slightly over ten million. undetermined indirect benefits from grocery receipts tax revenue up to 120 million as you have heard capped in private expenditures, rehabilitation of 3032, reimbursement by port of those private construction expenditures. for use of 66 years of credits for pier 3032, valued at 1,970,000 per year. you also heard when i talked about 120 million that does include 13% return to gsw on the reimbursement of construction costs, non reimbursement construction costs. transfer of seawall lot 330 from port of gsw bay and 34 million and four years of general fund property tax revenues, used to repay a 60 million ifd bond. no new ongoing maintenance cost for the port. undetermined maintenance costs for which funding options are explored by the office of economic and workforce development, port and gsw.
Nov 23, 2012 1:00am PST
example, when visiting teams come to play the warriors they tend to stay in san francisco. we were careful to try to only look at new and increased benefits. proposed construction costs are close to a billion. if you include hard costs -- >> supervisor avalos. >> sorry, to go back to the last slide. we are talking about net new jobs. i know there's been a discussion about existing workers that work for warriors coping to work here in san francisco. talking about new workers in addition for permanent employment jobs. >> that's correct. >> 1,712 new jobs on top of -- >> on top of what would be considered the transfer jobs, yes. >> great, thanks. >> proposed construction costs of close to a billion. i want to take a minute to pause and say it is our work through research and consultants it is unprecedented to have a sports facility be privately financed. the sports facilities you see built and rehabed around the country really to one include direct public subsidies from state and local governments in order to finance the arenas. we are talking a billion respond, contributing only to s
Nov 24, 2012 10:00pm PST
-32 because the warriors went way over the line. thank you. >> okay. any further public comment? okay. >> item four is executive session. >> so moved. >> second. >> we are in executive session. (recess). (executive session). >> are you guys ready? okay. >> roll call. commissioner. >> present. >> commissioner. >> here. >> commissioner. >> here. >> commissioner. >> here. >> item two approval of minutes for october 23, 2012 meeting with a minor correction. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> number three public comment on executive session, sue hester . >> sue hester. i didn't identify myself on there, but i have attended all of the public workshops for public input on pier 30-32 and i would ask this commission and the staff to direct everyone who is a negotiating party to when they attend these public meetings to shut up and identify themselves. there was a lot of furor at my table at the latest session which was quality of life because one of the warrior's negotiators sat at our table and had input, and was very vocal, and didn't identify herself as a warriors until
Nov 14, 2012 12:30pm PST
or warriors need to hold before the holidays. we thought that was responding to the cac's desire to have another before the holidays but that is an entirely flexible date. then we were proposing two scoping meetings in order to get input as to the scope. it is somewhat unprecedented to have two. one december 13th and one january 8th or 9th. that is the current near term schedule. i want to emphasize as strongly as possible that we feel we are at the cac's disposal to schedule any and all future meetings. >> i certainly think that we probably need to think how we develop the agenda for the cac is that is a citizen-driven process. my feet back is i think that having a scoping meeting which is substantive in the community on eir and hosting december 13th will be viewed as trying to ignore public input and feedback. it is a busy time for many of our families and residents. i know the request has been to move the scoping meeting to after the new year's in mid-january, when people are back and will be able to focus attention on this important project in the neighborhood. >> okay. i'm happy to
Nov 14, 2012 7:00pm PST
, the city will reimburse warriors for improvements to infrastructure capped at 120 million. funds are restricted to three sources we have discussed. proposed operations and maintenance, we have reached out to city departments. the police funded the cost estimates are to be determined. we will be in -- the cost will be associated with calls for service during events and non events. responses to illegal vendors and such. fire anticipates no direct fiscal impact from the project. number of staff and hours worked will not change as a result of this development. as mentioned by chief lombardi the san francisco department may contract with warriors for emergency services. certainly if they are co-located, that makes sense. no impact to the project as golden state warrior also pay to maintain open space they create. for dpw and mta we are currently working with both those departments. there will be parking and service officers. there will need to be traffic and cleaning services and other amenities determined as we move forward. as a parenthetical, we will get into this, peter albert is
Nov 15, 2012 11:30pm PST
on the community side in working with laborers, carpenters and other trades and warriors folks are excited about is the project is fiscally feasible. we needed to know that before we did that. the thing is one of the unsung community heros to get us to do that is abu, from bay view hunter's point. what is historic is abu has pushed to advance community opportunity, particularly in southeast sector bay view hunter's point. abu stepped up and signed onto a historic letter of commitment to do local hiring, work with labor, community, the warriors, the developer, the contractor and i think we got what we need as far as fiscal feasibility. i hear some kind of concern to get more informations or more research. that's going to happen. this is a long process. this is day one. do i not want to see a delay face supervisors because there is such incredible momentum to take local hiring, come together with community groups that sign the letter of commitment with the mayor, with our labor partners and with the warriors and folks doing this web core and hunt that are building it. i just actually didn't realiz
Nov 28, 2012 10:30am PST
the integrity of the district. secondly we are talking about use of public finance to repay warrior's private financing of the pier substructure improvement. that may involve debt issuance over a 30-year period of time. we need to have a very detailed discussion about how that is secured, to ensure there are ongoing revenues to continue paying that debt. that is something we will discuss with director of public finance and others who work on finance in the city. i think jennifer has talked a lot about the project financing that we will address through the pro forma analysis and discuss what the city is obliged to repay and community benefits. how specifically is city through the term sheet with warriors establishing a way to pay for police, neighborhood cleanup and additional transit service. those have to be answered in the term sheet. after the term sheet is approved, it would be endorsed by the port commission and board of supervisors. it is non-binding, reflects intention of parties headed into environmental review. during the period of environmental review city staff would negotiate a mo
Nov 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
'd like to express my concerns about the rapid * pace at which this process for the warriors project has been moving. it's very disturbing and i know it's disturbing to my neighbors as well, to the people that i've spoken to. the neighbors in my area told me they haven't had a chance to look at it. they haven't heard about it. i'm hearing all kinds of different things. and i think that it's very important that we're involved with this because truly it will affect our quality of life. our ability to work, our ability to live, our ability to enjoy our homes will be compromised by the traffic and the changes that will happen potentially. i'm respectfully requesting that we slow this process down so that people have the ability to put in the input that needs to be done. thank you very much. >> thank you. >>> my name is dave hartzell, i live on one of the beautiful corridors that was on the pretty picture. the person before me was more articulate than i, but i would also like to emphasize the process is going much quicker than any other project of its kind. and that when you go in a hurry, n
Nov 15, 2012 10:30pm PST
agree. how much a priority it is to bring the warriors to san francisco. we want to see that happen but not at the expense of the process. >> we absolutely agree. this only works if it truly works. it is not unprecedented to go from an exclusive negotiating agreement to this. we had an a three-month meeting before it passed accountability but then took time from fiscal feasibility to have the environmental approvals. we have a schedule i can discuss with you. the proposed meetings between now & january. i will be at the maritime meeting tomorrow to talk about the maritime proposals for the three sides of the pier on 19th as i mentioned at 1 p.m. there is is a land use hearing which will be an informational hearing. we have had presentations in the cac, now the port commission and felt like it was important to do that at the board of supervisors prior to asking decision on fiscal feasibility. depending on what happens today, budget and finance will propose to be at the full board of supervisors november 20th for consideration of fiscal feasibility. because the lead architect is goin
Nov 17, 2012 11:30pm PST
and if this project is so great for san francisco and i hope it is. we have tickets for warriors tickets. we request there is nothing wrong to put it front of the citizenry and with respectful deliberation. thank you. >> thank you. >> sue hester i got my feet wet in this area by participating in the giants project, and that went on for several years, and the giants showed us all how it is done. they worked with the community, the community of their neighbors, the broader community of the city. the eir took a couple of years at the port and the planning commission, the board of supervisors, and this was after they were on the ballot twice, and there was a huge discussion. instead we have a cooked deal. i don't know how familiar you are with what you're voting on. you are voting on a schedule, and you're voting on rejecting the eir alternatives. the study that you have before you, and there are many studies, the conceptual framework says the port rejects out of hand at the start of the process any alternative site especially any site north of the -- north of here, or south of here. north of here
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,146 (some duplicates have been removed)